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A new roof is a significant investment. Getting a new roof can cost you thousands of dollars. Like every other big investment you'd be making, you'd want to ensure that everything is properly sorted out—from the choice of roofing material to the roofing contractor to carry out the project.

Your roofing system protects you and your whole family from the elements. Due to this fact, it's always right to go for the most durable material. Hiring the services of a reliable roofer is also a priority. But what about your roofing warranty? Even if you buy the most durable shingle and hire the best roofer near you to install your new roof, will that make your roof immune from defects? Are roof warranties really worth it?

What Does Roof Warranty Cover?

Whether we are buying a new car, a new home appliance, or any tool, warranties are one of the things we are quick to check. It is pretty much the same with roofing.

If you plan on getting a new roof, you need to understand that there're things your roof warranty will cover, and there are things it won't cover. To find things the warranty will and will not cover, you need to understand the basic types of roof warranties.

Types of Roof Warranty

Generally, a roof warranty is divided into manufacturer warranty and contractor warranty. Each of these warranties has what it covers and what it can't cover.

Manufacturers Warranty

It's always hard to get 100% accuracy in all products. Defects are common, and many roofing material manufacturers understand that clearly.

Shingle manufacturers issue a manufacturer's warranty to the homeowner or property manager. It covers the cost of defective products. It also protects the homeowner from any damage to the roofing structure due to defective material.

Contractors Warranty

A contractor warranty is a type of warranty issued by your local contractor who will be handling the roofing project.

While the manufacturer's warranty covers the cost of any defects or damage to the material, the contractor warranty offers protection against faulty installation. If there's any mistake from the side of the roofer or his workers, the contractor warranty will come to the rescue.

Different roofing contractors offer different contractor warranties. Before you select any roofer for your project, ensure you discuss the details of this warranty extensively with him.

Benefits Of Roof Warranty

Protect Your Roof Investment

Having a roof warranty, whether manufacturer warranty or contractor warranty, guarantees protection to your roof investment. You don't have to spend big again on defective products or errors resulting from faulty installation.

Ensure You're Getting Quality Roofing Job

With your roofing contractor offering you a warranty, he won't want to take any chances that might ruin his roofing work. Your roofer will always put all his best towards delivering a roofing system that will last long.

Qualifies A Reliable Contractor

One of the core criteria for choosing a roofing contractor to handle your roofing needs is checking out their warranties. A reliable contractor like Downtown Brooklyn Roofing will always offer you a contractor warranty.

Nothing is guaranteed. Even the most durable shingle, if followed by proper maintenance and care, is not completely free from defects. This is exactly where your roofing warranty comes in.

If you have any questions about your roofing warranty or how to claim your roofing warranty, you can reach out to us at Downtown Brooklyn Roofing, 183 Bridge St Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 690-9422 https://downtownbrooklynroofing.com/.


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