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Flat Roofing Superior For Brooklyn's Commercial Buildings

Have you ever asked yourself, 'Is a flat roof the best roofing system for my commercial building? Why should I change from pitched roof to flat roof? How will a flat roof help my business?'

A few years ago, there was a buzz about flat roofs' benefits, curb appeal, cost effect, and longevity, especially when compared to conventional pitched roofs.

But when it comes to applying it in your commercial Brooklyn building, is it really a cool idea to opt for a commercial flat roofing system?

Benefits Of Adopting Commercial Flat Roofing System


This is probably one of the fundamental reasons you should adopt a flat roofing system. The price is lesser when compared to pitched roofs. There are two types of cost mentioned; Material cost and installation cost.

Material cost involves the amount you will buy the flat roofing material per square foot. Then installation cost consists of the amount paid to the roofing contractors and other laborers.

Building Expansion

With a flat roofing system, expanding your building is pretty easier. It just requires removing a part of the roof and then going ahead to another block. And even with the expansion project going on, you can still carry out your daily operations.

Curb Appeal

Flat roofs have an appealing design that attracts potential customers and clients to your business. Unlike pitched roofs, the designs are not so complex, but they are exceptionally appealing to customers.


This is an important aspect that is usually underrated. Maintenance is easier to do on a flat roof than on a pitched roof. Pitched roof maintenance takes more time and will require more labor and equipment. Of course, this will ultimately make the cost of its maintenance to be so high. Its sloppy nature also discourages anyone from attempting a DIY.

Roof Space

A commercial flat roof has enough roof space that you can use to create a roof garden, roof pathway, break rooms, or anything you fancies.

Longevity And Durability

If other reasons are not enough to sway you, the fact that flat roofs are very durable and last longer than conventional alternatives is enough. Your flat roof can last for 30 to 50 years, depending on the flat roof material used and your maintenance culture.

Swimming Pools And Sky Garden

You can install a fiberglass swimming pool on your commercial flat roof. Having a sky garden makes your roof attractive, luxurious, and eyes appealing. It gives your business a high caliber and uplifts your status.

Wind Resistance

Flat roofs are more resistant to wind. Pitched roofs, if not properly maintained, can be removed by the pressure of the wind. But a flat roof can absorb the pressure from wind and protect your roof from harm.

That said, it is clear that having a flat roofing system on your Brooklyn commercial building is not a debate. Imagine standing on the top of your building, absorbing the Brooklyn sun or breeze while also enjoying the beautiful view of Brooklyn.

Thinking about getting started or how to select the best flat roofing material for your structure, we are here for you. We have been in the business of offering long-lasting flat roofing solutions for years. For more information or a free quote, contact us at 183 Bridge St Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-690-9442, https://downtownbrooklynroofing.com/.

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