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If you're considering roofing, you may be confused as to whether you should insulate before or after you're done. Some things need to be upgraded in your home during roofing, especially decking and roof insulation. Read through to find out whether to insulate before or after roofing.

Should Roof Insulation Be Done Before or After Roofing?

Whenever there are leaks, there'll be roof damage. Even if you don't notice the leaks or other problems before roofing, when the workers tear off the shingles, you'll most likely see cracked, moldy, and rotten boards.

If fiberglass insulation is done before roofing, it can get wet, reducing its thermal properties. The water molecules will replace the air pockets between the glass pieces, causing mold to grow and reducing the effectiveness of the roof insulation. To avoid replacing the entire roofing system, you'll have to do the insulation after roofing.

In fact, if your roofer sees that mold has grown beyond the decking into your walls and interior, they may recommend more intense measures like hiring a mold remediation service. Usually, you'll see more warning signs if the problem is serious.

If there happens to be any need for roofing replacement, the roofer will remove the decking pieces that need to be repaired and install new boards. When that is done, you'll then go-ahead to install the rigid, blown-in, or fiberglass batts insulation after the roofing is completed.

When Is the Best Time for Roof Insulation?

The best time to insulate your roof is after roofing replacement. You'll just have to remove a piece of decking and bring the hoses in from the top of the roof, which helps keep them from tracking excess insulation.

Besides, it's only after the roofing is done that you'll know what's the best position to start insulating from. The comfort and serenity of the interior will give you more insight. Besides, to be sure the insulation is working, you'll need to turn on the air conditioner to feel if you'll remain warm or cold.

Experts advise that before you begin a roofing project, you must take out your insulation (if you already have one). You need to be careful so there are no parts damaged in the process of installing the roof.


There's no need to worry yourself about when to insulate your roof. Some experts understand the advantages and disadvantages of insulating a roof at a particular time. You need the best recommendations. At Royal Roofing & Siding Long Island, we offer expert roofing services and sell high-quality materials at the best price.

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