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Types of Flat Roof Vents

As you may already know, ventilation minimizes the cost of your roof's energy, stabilizes temperature, and increases its lifespan.

But when considering roof ventilation, you should realize that there are many roof vents available in the marketplace. Although with professional help from your roofer, you should get the best roof vent for your roof.

However, it is good to know the various types of roof vents that are available and their various functions. But before that, roof vents can be divided or categorized into two aspects namely:

Natural Vents and Mechanical vents.

Natural vents use natural tools to extract and supply air into your building while mechanical vents use tools like fans powered by electricity to extract and supply air into your building.

They both are good and effective.

Mechanical vents are effective but more expensive than natural vents. With that, let's move on to the types of roof vents;

Pop Vent: This is a mechanical vent that uses an electric fan to create airflow in your building. It extracts heat out of your building and supplies it with fresh air.

Aura Vent: This is a type of vent that has both natural and mechanical features. It has a rounded head that rotates by removing hot air and supplying fresh air.

The natural vent removes air when it is hot and supplies fresh air. While the mechanical uses an internal fan that forces out hot air and brings in fresh air.

Boot Vent: This is a vent that has a holder for piping coming through the roof. It has a rubber boot in the pipe that prevents water from entering.

Box Vent: This is an aluminum roof vent that comes mostly in a square and rectangular shape. It is mostly used on commercial roofs and larger homes.

Suffix Vents: This is an intake vent; therefore, it can be used alongside other vents. While Box vents or other vents are taking out the air, suffix vents can be used to bring in fresh air into your building. Therefore, it has a complementary job in your building.

Breather Vents: They are used for expelling moisture from the attic. They are highly effective and use a bellow that opens and closes. But the opening and closing depend on the moisture level, which is why it is most suitable for flat roofs.

Mushroom Vents: These are simple natural vents that stabilize the temperature and allow air to escape through the attic. After full installation, it usually comes out in the shape of a mushroom.

Bathroom Vents: This is a vent built specifically for bathrooms. It absorbs and takes outside large amounts of moisture and steam emanating from your bathroom. It is an effective vent you should install in your bathroom.

These are all types of flat roof vents you will ever need for your building. Now that you have known all roof vents, don't make any rash decisions. You should enquire from a professional roofer the best roof suitable for your roof. For roofing vent advice, flat roof replacements, or any roof problem contest us at Downtown Brooklyn Roofing  183 Bridge St Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-690-9442

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